Dynamo: Tessellation


Hi guys. I´m Tomás, this is my first post in this blog, because i’m initiation in Dynamo.

I have a question about search the one node. For my is imposible locate “cuvebypointsbyline”. Because I’m interesting in take the similar voronoi geometry than this.


And other question, Is can I transfer the geometry the dynamo to revit?

Thank Guys


sorry if my questions are very low level but it’s my first attempt at Dynamo project. and the information we have is very little, and no one to ask.


Leones, it’s not that it is a bad question or anything. I just don’t think any of us can find that node. The video that you linked to is from Zach Kron and is from 2013. Since then Dynamo has evolved immensely which is why that node is hard to find.


I would send Kron a tweet to maybe see if he could weigh in on your question.


I just fired up Dynamo 0.6.3 (yes, I still have that installed…) to see what that node migrates to. It is now called ModelCurve.ByCurve.


Hi guys. Thank for your answers.

I will try to participate more in the forum and contribute