Dynamo doesnt recognise adaptive points on curtain for project mode

hi there, I had posted this earlier however I believe my trust level was not high enough for a secondary post so apologies for any repeat readers.

In the code shown I am using a curtain system on a mass that tracks the sun. I can get the code to recognise the panels themselves, however, it does not recognise the adaptive points on said panels as shown by the watch box displaying an empty array.

Thanks for your time, any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


We can’t read you’re nodes, please zoom in and use the “Export Workspace As Image” function.

Pannel error|690x146

Is this better? zoomed in and did it but still got the whole thing

Yes this is better, can you send a sample file with the family in it?
Can’t see the category of the family.

And can you send you’re script too?

Only the family and the .dyn file is good too.

Pannel.rfa (476 KB)
Individual panel
Curved wall.rfa (1.3 MB)
The panel applied to conceptual mass
Dynamo Pannel controll.dyn (56.7 KB)
Dynamo code.

I couldn’t load the project as the file size was too large. All the project contains is the mass loaded into the project

That’s no problem.

I’m trying to find your solution but can’t figure it out. Unfortunately I don’t work enough with the elements you work with.

Maybe someone else has more experience with this

thats okay, thanks for your time all the same