4 Point Adaptive Curtain Wall Panel Placement through Dynamo Script Problems

Dear All

I am a student and doing a project with Revit and Dynamo. I was able to successfully place my 4 point Adaptive Curtain Wall through the Revit method very easily. But I am struggling to place my 4 point Adaptive Curtain Wall panel through Dynamo. I really am not sure what is wrong I have a feeling the script that I am trying to use has a fault along the way and is not pick up all the necessary points that I require.

If anyone could be of any assistance that would be brilliant.



Second Part of My Dynamo Script - That is not working.

I can’t tell anything for your case from that screenshot only, but the common problem with this is the order of the points.
You have to sort the points in the right order for the node to work. A guess in the dark would be to place a list.transpose after list.create in your definition.

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If i see that i would use a divided surface, and not a divided path.