Dynamo doesn’t show neither the background preview nor the grid plan

Hello Dynamo gurus,

our important costumer, has some troubles with Dynamo for Revit. He is currently using Revit 2019.2 with Dynamo for Revit version 2.0.3, his operation system is W7, his graphic card is NVIDIA Quadro K2000.

Issue description:
He doesn’t see neither the background preview nor the grid plane, and also every basic nodes are reporting some issue. See the video in attachment: https://autode.sk/2M5W6WV
We recommended him:

  • Update the NVIDIA drivers
  • Update the Dynamo – the problem started with Dynamo 1.3.4, after update to version 2.0.3, the problem remains
  • Update DirecX
  • Turn off hardware acceleration

None of our recommendations has helped. Please do you have any advice?

Kind regards


You likely need to force Dynamo to use the discrete graphics card. See this thread (or one of many others): Grid not show in view