Dynamo Creating Family Instance with an ID of a family that already exists in the Model

Hi there,

I have a script that creates new instances of a family type applying some filtering to the objects already existing in the project.

As we see - the family already exists in the model:

After applying some filtering logic I want to create a different instance of the same type and it’s assigning identical id to that revit object:

Any ideas how to avoid this?

Welcome to the forum!

Could you repost the first image using the Export Workspace button in the top right of the Dynamo window? The image you have posted is not scalable and does not have the node names visible. As long as you’re zoomed in far enough to make the labels visible the exported image will include the full graph.

here you are @Nick_Boyts and thanks for your help!

had to crop it because of the file size - the relevant notes are however included.

full image as a link:

Sounds like an element binding issue. You can read more here: Element Binding in Revit

It’s still not legible. If you use Export as Image you don’t have to worry about cropping. Just make sure the node titles are visible before exporting.