Listing All Instances (All Instances Of Family Types) Of A Parent Family (edited)

Hi all,

(edit) Changed the title because a different issue was found and solved. The issue listing all instances of a parent family has been solved. The element ID is still an issue.

(edit 2) The element ID issue has been solved by using the same Node that Kulkul suggested.

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I’m having some issues with the element that Dynamo shows when given an element ID.

Basically, I feed the element ID to a script and the Family it retrieves is the wrong family.

Script and Element attached below. The only node from a package in the script is Element.ById, it is form the Wombat Dynamo package. Running Dynamo 2.0.3 on Revit 2019.2.2

I’ve also uploaded an alternate script that isn’t picking up the existence of the family based on filtering the list of families using String.Contains

Not sure what i’m doing wrong with the script, I’d appreciate any help.


Edit: For the most part, it returns the right element, but for some reason there are some elements that aren’t being picked up properly. (This applies to this script and the alternate script). Also, if it helps. the family does not have any nested families, the shapes are just masking regions.

It says that new users can only upload one pic at a time so here’s the ID of the element

And here is the alternate script (The errors are just from nulls from repeating details and filled regions/masking regions, I have a version that removes the nulls and the family still does not show up)

If you’re looking to filter Family Instance elements by name you need to do something like this:

And this is to filter elements by its type name:

Hey Kulkul,

Thanks for the response!

I modified the script to use the same nodes as your example, unfortunately, it is still not picking up the family. Multiple instances of the family has been placed on different views: Floor Plans & Drafting views, but none of the instances are being picked up.

Edit: I tried to upload the family, but new users can’t upload attachments. But, here is a Google Drive link for anyone that is curious:

Family was created by someone else.

Edit 2: Sorry, I wasn’t paying close attention to the script, I am trying to filter by Parent Family, not the Family type. The reason that I used the (edit)FamilyType.Family is because the string it creates includes the Family Type, and also the Parent Family.

@RQuiambao Is this what you need?

And this is with Element Name:

Hey Kulkul,

For that script, what I am trying to do is filter using the Parent Family.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any other nodes that return the Value for the Parent Family other than FamilyType.Family

Hey Kulkul,

Actually, this solution works! Thank you! I guess FamilyType.Name goes better with FamilyType.Family than FamilyType.ByName.

Really appreciate it!!
Edit: Here is the final result:

The only issue left is that the script is still showing the wrong Parent Family, but I can live with that for now!

The script shows the correct Element ID, but the Parent Family is supposed to be 06_Pull_Edge Pull - Tab1. The script right now is showing 06_Pull_Handle - Round1. See Below:

Edit: This is solved by using the node sequence that Kulkul suggested.