Two Family Types with same Name

I am normally not able to name two Family Types with the same Name (below), but I am able to accidentally do so with Dynamo.

Hope this doesn’t cause corruption or other errors in a model.

Wondering if this is a known issue.


Hi @David_Duarte, I’ve found out the same problem. Did you found a solution?

How have you done your dynamo graph because you could have created it in a certain way that makes duplicates happen.

I would suggest you re-look at it and get this not to happen, this is because revit is built in a way to not allow for duplicate and therefor could cause issues with the model.

Note: I have done this by accident when i was coding some python node with a transactions built in and i coded this out to stop this happening as it could possibly corrupt a file in the future.

Removing the duplicates before writing the change seems to work. The script just skips any duplicates.

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Looks like I have to SetName again for FAILED elements with the element ID as a suffix to the Type Name, just to be sure duplicate names will absolutely never occur after repeated runs of this script.

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