Dynamo Core 2.15 Release

Hello Dynamites!

We are excited today to release Dynamo Core 2.15 out into the wild! :deciduous_tree: :lion: :monkey_face: :elephant:

In Dynamo 2.15, we introduce the Graph Node Manager and Graph Footer features to swiftly show you your graph state, introduce File Trust to the world of Dynamo to ensure you are trusting the graphs you work with, and release the Getting Started tour to help new users orient themselves. We also now graphically represent function states on nodes, and we added in alignment icons. Once again, we now also dynamically resize the Watch node as well as show color output based on Object Types that matches the Code Block Node, so a string (text) representation of numbers is no longer confusing. Additionally, we massively streamlined Dynamo’s performance and balanced memory consumption across live modification of graphs, repeated calls, and more.

As always, there is a lot more too, so come get your hands on it , give it a spin, read the blog post and let us know what you think! :raised_hands:

Dynamo Core 2.15 Blog post: Dynamo Core 2.15 Release - Dynamo BIM

Previous few release blog posts:


Awesome! Can’t wait to test some of the new features.

Also really nice that you guys found a way to make Dynamo faster and made it use less RAM, hopefully in the future my Civil3D crashes less :smiley:

keep alive option to the WPFCLI

Love this aswell!


Definitely let us know how it feels after this release. Beyond Dynamo 2.15 which was smaller elements, we have a big focus on performance overall so expect even more awesome things coming down the pipes, such as a VM refactor and optimization.


Great work @solamour + team! :star_struck:

Lots of great stuff coming for each release. Really nice to see improvements on troubleshooting and performance. But also the “smaller” improvements such as the coloring of data types - I think this will be a massive help for, especially, newer users :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MartinSpence :blush: We’re focusing heavily into empowering people to find success with Dynamo faster… across numerous different strata! Performance is one angle (And more to come on that soon as we have that now as a dedicated focus), as is legibility, clarity and putting information at your fingertips. We’re getting there :pray:


the “SizeGrip” for the watch node seems to have disappeared


This is actually because you have a single dictionary item, not a real list. The watch node only scales with lists, which I think is an issue for this exact reason.

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Thanks for posting @c.poupin - Looks like this case was missed. I’ll get the team to implement for 2.16.


Can you confirm that you have a single list item but super long somehow? Would you describe a bit what you did?

I just write a python script

import sys
OUT = sys.modules

and add a watch node

No problem with Dynamo 2.14


Thanks. We intentionally disabled resize grip when it is needed but missed the case that single item could be super long. Will work to restore it in this case.


Hi @solamour and team,

First of all congratulation and thank you for constantly working to make dynamo better!

I’ve a suggestion, what if it were possible in some near future, where we do not need to install any package to run a script which we get.
So it will be like, dynamo will automatically fetch the information of the underlying packages used in the script and prompt us to agree, and then it will be automatically installed.
This can be a significant step, when people just run the script using player.
Hence, a very newbie, who doesn’t even know to search and install the package can also use it seamlessly, like using a small application.

Just something from top of my head, do let us know your thoughts.

Atharva Purohit


Hello @atharva.purohit466SX - we are glad to hear you like it! We’re doing our best to make Dynamo all that it can be :smiley:

We have a form of this in Generative Design called “Pack and Go” that will bundle up all dependencies. It works, but isn’t perfect because it will duplicate packages with every script you pack up. Does the job, but also means you have copies all over the show.

We are thinking about how to make this a better proposition where the current overhead to manage your packages, or do that for your peers.