Dynamo 2.18 Release

Hello, everyone!

We’re excited to announce our latest release, Dynamo Core 2.18! Check out a quick blurb below:

Dynamo Core 2.18 introduces an enhanced set of chart nodes for data visualization within Dynamo. It adds a language picker to the Preferences panel, and provides a massively overhauled Python node editor experience with a refreshed UI and improved consistency with DesignScript. In this release, you can customize your Python editor port names and tooltips (and yes, it’s backwards compatible!), and you can add example graphs to your workspace directly from the Documentation Browser to review examples of nodes in action. You can quickly adjust your geometry scaling working range with a new button below the navigation controls, bring beautiful (and customized) colors to your graph with the overhauled color palette node, adjust library and Python node editor text size by ctrl+scrolling, and so much more!

For full details on this release, check out the release notes!

Learn more about the release in our blog: Dynamo Core 2.18 Release - Dynamo BIM :page_facing_up:

When you’re ready to dive in, you can download the release here . Be sure to let us know your feedback under this post! :writing_hand:

Previous few release blog posts:



I found a bug when we try to remove (or overwrite) the last line(s) in Python Editor

step to reproduce
bug cpython engine
the bug appear also when copy and paste code

I also note that a dyn with python node created in 2.18, the node does not appear if you open the dyn in previous versions (the python node is deleted if re-saving with a previous version)


Thanks for finding these @c.poupin - will get onto fixing them :slight_smile:

Found reproducible steps of the folding case, thank you @c.poupin. Will get onto this and target a hotfix build of 2.18. FYI @Aaron_Tang

@c.poupin do you have reproducible steps for the Python not working in previous versions? So far in my testing, it’s working.

2.16 Working from graph saved in 2.18, with edited ports:


no, crash only in 2.18, works fine in previous versions

Is it possible to upload a Dynamo graph with a Python node that does this @c.poupin? I’ve not crashed Dynamo 2.18 so far using Python and it’s working for me.

ah I thought you were talking about the crash :face_with_peeking_eye:

for the problem of opening in the previous versions, here is the procedure

1.open Dynamo 2.18
2. create Python Node with IronPython3
3. save
4. open it in Dynamo 2.17

Note DSIronPython3 Package is installed on both

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@c.poupin No worries! I also cannot reproduce this… :thinking: Are you using any particular code inside the Python node?

Hi Sol

here example in video (step by step)

Thank you for the video, looks like there is a bit we can dig into here :slight_smile:

I think it’s really a very special case (depending on the engine defined by default)

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Yes feels like it - will investigate! Won’t ship a fix until 2.19 now as 2.18 is out and we are cutting the hotfix branch of 2.18.1 today :frowning:

In the meantime, please set that engine inside your node as a workaround?

after some additional test it does not come from the engine selected by default :face_with_diagonal_mouth: (IronPython3 engine bug ?)
I will test the 2.18.1 if the same bug persist :face_with_monocle:

here the dyn (made in 2.18)

testipy3.dyn (3.0 KB)

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@c.poupin ok we’ve found the issue and it’s a bug in Dynamo 2.17 :bug: where the Python Engines were set as enums, rather than a dynamic list and it fails to deserialize these dynamic engines.

If a user is using CPython3 it works correctly as that is part of the enum list in 2.17, so the issue is specifically with IronPython3.

Moving forward from 2.18 onwards, this bug should not exist. It does point to a larger bug where we should put in a dummy node rather than not surface one at all, which we will also file to address :slight_smile:

We may be able to fix this by replacing the getter code for said engines with the dynamic set via the Dynamo Future File extension, and will look into this pending severity of this case (i.e. is it an edge cases versus widespread).

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I hope the team can fix this problem in next version, it is really important with resolve number from string and effect to many processes I’m working on

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@chuongmep it’s logged into Jira in our backlog :slight_smile: We’ll take a look as soon as we can!

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