Dynamo and Revit crash


I have had some problems with Dynamo and Revit crashing when hitting “run” script.
After some troubleshooting i figure it only happens when i choose the Geometry Working Range as large.
If i don’t choose large, the script wont run proberly.

When i try the script in other Revit models that are smaller i have no problems running the script.
Any suggestions on what to do? Could the model be to big?

Revit 2019.2
Script: SingleCraneAnalysis - 01 Situation Calculation.dyn (71.1 KB)
Script source: LINK

Could be malformed geometry, or a lack of system resources. Do you need the larger working range? Perhaps change to utilizing feet or meters instead of MM?

I found that having ~1000 elements in Revit is the limit before it crashes. In my project there is around 5000 totals.
What would be the best workaround to limit the elements in a big project? - Element Hide, limiting the Section Box or delete? I’m asking as I’m not sure if/how Dynamo will calculate with hidden elements?

Maybe run it in sections, floor by floor/wing by wing? Or limit your tests to just the 1000 largest steel sections?