Dynamo acting weird!

I just notice that dynamo at Revit 2019.2 that doesn’t open any node, any ideas but on Revir 2018 it works perfectly

What version of Dynamo are you using?

Also what version of Revit.

Updating both is one frequent fix.


Revit 2019.2(the problem)
Revit 2018.3 (working perfect)

Update to 2019.2.1 (unless you already have).

If that doesn’t work, try disabling all add-ins as it mag be a dependency conflict with the add-in. Once identified you usually just have to update the add-in.

Hi Jacob thanks a lot i already followed this like and all good thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Glad that worked. Remember to mark solutions so others can learn from your post!

update to latest pyrevit - not 100% but it it sometimes a conflict there which was fixed by the author.

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