Delete Key Not Functioning in Dynamo 1.3.3 and Revit 2019

Delete key don’t work any more in Dynamo
when i use revit 2019 and Dynamo

the delete key still works when i use revit 2018 and Dynamo

does any one had the same problem?

Think it is related to this?


probably it is

i posted a comment that also the delete key is not working.

it is not the only problem i experience with dynamo
it runs just one time and then keeps on running and doing noting :disappointed_relieved:

@Nico_Stegeman the hotkeys is known issue with 2019 unfortunately which the Dynamo team can not address.
But any other problems you are having please report on github and we will look into them asap.

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ok thanks

Who had 3 days in the pool?

Same thing in Dynamo 2.0.0 - they work fine with 2.0.0 and Revit 2018.3.

It’s a known issue with Revit 2019, which will be addressed with a future update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @Nico_Stegeman,
I phase the same issue. My graph will run for 2 or 3 time successfully; then next time if I press run then it keeps on running. This is happening with me with the graph were a “select model element” node from Revit is present.I am using Revit 2019. Once your graph stuck please check your Revit. Probably; as in my case; there will be a cursor with ‘x’ symbol and dynamo is waiting for an action from the user. I just press escape then the graph will run with out any problem. Try this if this is your problem.

I find a good work around is to either select all the nodes you want to delete and go to Edit > Delete Selection, or use right-mouse clicks to Create a group of them and delete it.

Also, I’ve lost the functionality of the Ctrl C, V, Z… so I just use the top buttons / menu…

Said commands will actually execute in Revit so I’m especially careful with Ctrl+z, Ctrl+y, delete.

The problem is already solved in recent update of revit 2019.1 and most recent version of dynamo


I am currently using Dynamo 2.0.1 and Revit 2019 and still experiencing the same issue with hotkeys. Just wanted to know if there is an update/workaround to fix it?

Updating to revit 2019.1 should solve your issue :slight_smile: