Dynamo 2 Locking up in 2019

Anyone else having issues with Dynamo 2.0.2 locking up. Mine has started doing it with no nodes and a blank Revit file getting ready to start a new graph. Place a node and the whole thing goes grey and has to be killed using TM. Removed all my external libraries just to be sure and still happening.

Could you please share screenshot?

Try to uninstall completely dynamo revit/core and also remove registries. Then reinstall Dynamo 2.02

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Ok so i removed all of Dynamo and the Registeries, reinstalled a fresh download and the issue is still occurring. Just placed a simple familyinstance by coordinates and the whole thing froze. See attached. Must be something with Dynamo because the Revit file was basically empty, only items needed to test the graph, and the graph had a single node.

As of late I’ve had a lot of issues with Dynamo 2.0.2.

Some related to package conflicts, in particular Clockwork and Archilab (two of the most used packages!!!). If a script had nodes from both, opening it would crash Revit.

The solution to this was Dynamo 2.0.3 (which might help you too?). It is available on the daily builds. So far no issues for me vs. 2.0.2.

Since i removed the entire program i have no libraries installed but OOTB. Working on redoing the graph in 1.4.3 because it seems stable. Might try going to 2.03

So installed 2.03 and all seemed good till i tried to copy paste a couple nodes then it totally locked, took out Revit as well. Really confused as to what the issue could be. Wish we could save backward to earlier dynamo. Will have to Screenshot and recreate the graph in 1.4.3

Can you provide a Revit journal from a new Revit session where this occurred? If Revit is crashing there should be some hints in there.

journal.0107.txt (299.1 KB)

This should be one of the crash journals.

Well, no indication of the crash there… does this generate a crash error report (guessing not)?

Try disabling all your add-ins and see if that cleans it up.

@Chris_Hubbard Try to run your graph in Manual mode:

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Doesn’t matter manual or automatic. Place a node the whole thing freezes.
Redid the graph in 1.4.3 and its been fine. Has to be something in 2

Can you send the logs from Dynamo?