Dynamo 2.6 FamilyDocument Nodes

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How can i get family document for input to this node?
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I too had this Doubt.

had a node is family document.
then we can filter by Boolean mask.

I think should be wait for update new version. T T

FamilyDocument.ByDocument should work with the Document.Current node if you’re in a family document (.rfa) in Revit. If your active Revit document is a project (.rvt) then you will see issues like above.

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if you want access family from project you can do like this.

family.dyn (12.9 KB)

Hi @_Vijay, Say family is generic model, and has extrusion element in it. Can we access the extrusion from REVIT PROJECT mode ? I try, seems we can’t

Do you have other way to access these parameters ?

In the family environment or in the project environment?! I am sure we can…

Hi Vijay In project environment. I tried, i could access the family’s parameters but i could not access the parameters of that family’s extrusion element in project environment.

So you are trying to access the family parameters right?

Try like this

Set Material for Family.dyn (16.9 KB)

Tets Family.rfa (352 KB)

i knew it should not be that easy! You already manually associated the “MATERIAL” parameter to the “Extrusion Material” (let call this TEST MATERIAL- extrusion material is confusing term) already LOL.

Case study here is : What if family was created from solid in dynamo --> no family file rfa saved
Yes, 1st way to work around it is to save the family to a directory on the PC and associate the parameter manually, but what if we have 2000 families created with Dynamo, do we have to go in each one of them and associate the parameters to each other? --> huge load of work.
2nd way is mentioned in the topic below by Erfajo. Batch Save the family to .rfa file in PC --> open these files in background to assigned parameter --> and then associate parameters with his dynamo graph. Thanks Erfajo, this is great workflow, I find it is genius. But still too much work to do, and we still need physical RFA files.

What I am looking for is what if we can do it all in Revit project environment with Dynamo ??? Can Dynamo really do this?

Somehow we can use Dynamo to access the family Extrusion element to get the extrusion “MATERIAL” Parameter, then associate this MATERIAL parameter to the “TEST MATERIAL” without the .rfa file, without opening the family editor foreground or background, and this is quite a challenge, I have not seen anyone mentions this in the forum since last topic of Erfajo. (attached below)

Refer this topic to my newer post. Please have a look and make comment if you have a solution. Thank so much for replying @_Vijay