How to convert rfa files to family documents?

Assuming multiple familes have not been loaded into project.

I find in this thread, DANEdu, people use DANEdu to add parameter to one family at once.

But I have lots of families. If I do like as below, I use Orchid “Document.BackgroundOpen” and “Parameter.Add”,

I prefer to use native node “FamilyDocument.AddParameter”, but I can’t find a native node to convert output from “FileSystem.GetDirectoryContent” to family document.

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Hi @Xiaofei_Ying

I’m having the same trouble here but for another application where I need to get the Family Document from .rfa files. I figure out that one solution may be using the “FamilyDocument.ByDocument” node, but it does not appear for me, unfortunately (aparently is only avaiable for Dynamo 2.6). How about you?
Check it out here: