Can Dynamo associate family parameter with element parameter in Revit environment without having to go inside of family editor?

Hi I am trying to add material for this block from Revit environment, but i need to associate the shared parameter to the element parameter. anyone know how to do it without entering family editor mode? please help thanks

Anyone ? I guess it is a no :slightly_smiling_face:

You are feeding in the wrong inputs for the Parameter.SetValue nodes. You should feed in the family document in the first input. the rest of the input are fine

Hello @stillgotme thank for replying.

I dont think it works perhaps because I do not have physical family .rfa saved in a specific file path.

But this is the challenge here, i would like to access/ control all the parameters of the family without having to enter the family editor environment, or without having a physical .rfa family file that was save in the folder.

The value type you are feeding is wrong… what storagetype are you expecting for that particular parameter???

Hi stillgotme you are right it is because of the material node.i changed the node it works now thanks