Associate geometry material parameter, package request!

@erfajo Good morning Erfajo, I read your post here,:

And I also read other post where you suggest to open a family document in the background and add parameter then save it.

It is really helpful, I just have one question, is there a way to do this task in Revit project document instead of working on it in family document? Thank you very much.

Hi, i am developing this graph may help to associate family parameters in revit environment. But i need a new node. in stead of “document.backgroundopen”, can we have “FAMILY/ELEMENT.backgroundopen”
The graph cant execute, because it cant access the extrusion in family editor :frowning: Anyone please help,

Hi @Qnguyen2688,

I think the Orchid package already has the nodes you requested.

  • As far as i know the “FamilyType.ByGeometry” node creates FreeForm elements (not Extrusions).
  • If you want to get in touch with @erfajo, you have to do so through his GitHub page. He no longer visits this forum regularly.

Good morning @MJB-online Thank for replying. I learn something new ^^ yeah Freeform it should be ! but still i cant associate parameter of freeform with family parameter. “Parameter.Associate” returned errors.

Is my graph wrong somewhere? I can’t find node “family.familydocument” in orchid package either. so i used “family.edit” i hope it is the same. Thank you so much

Hi @Qnguyen2688,

I think i have an outdated version of Orchid (with other node names).
What happens if you make the below changes?

In your own graph you are (background)opening two documents at the same time.

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OH MY BUDDHA @MJB-online, you are my hero !!!
2 days 13 hours, finally i can do this task with Dynamo

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I’m glad I was able to point you in the right direction, but the real credits go to creators of the great packages you used.