Dynamo 2.5 Runs Painfully Slow and Crashes

Hello all!

I’ve recently switched to Dynamo2.5, after starting to use Revit 2021. The problem is that, starting from today, once I open Dynamo I immediattely see the following message:

Then Dynamo starts running extremely slow, eventually crashing and closing Revit as well. The problem is that I have not changed anything since Friday(when I used it for the last time) - there are no new packages, plug ins in Revit, etc.

We have just begun developing a centralised library for Dynamo, based on the 2.5 release, so this is a serious issue for us as it makes it practically impossible to use Dynamo 2.5. Any help regarding the issue would be highly appreciated,

Thanks in advance!

Any ideas @Michael_Kirschner2?

I have had problems like you and I have solved it in this article:

Hi, I see… Thank you for your answer, but removing all packages is hardly a solution, as it makes it impossible to use almost all of our scripts. Apart from that, I had the same packages installed a few days ago, when it was all working fine. Any other ideas?

Try uninstalling. Those new packages in particular, as one or a combination introduced by them may be the cause. Any issues flag (green ! at the top of the window).

Hi, Jacob, I do not have any new packages. I reviewed the warnings though and it seems like the problem is in rhythm package:

Does that mean I should try to avoid using Rhythm? I tried reinstalling and it seems fine so far, but I will keep this bug in mind.

We are actually using a .bat file to copy packages from a centralised location to everyone’s local directory. Could this process be damaging some of the packages?

Meant these in particular - an older version may not have conflicted.

Noooooo!!! Use Rhythm often it’s amazing and @john_pierson is the best!

What it means is that this version of Rhythm is clashing with PyRevit or one of the other add-ins. If it happens again make sure your add-ins are up to date, if that doesn’t fix it try disabling PyRevit or other add-ins which are listed. If that still doesn’t work try an older version of Rhythm.

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Thanks for your answer!

Having to choose between Rhythm and pyRevit would be a tough choice, as we have our own Panel with lots of handy funcionalities, depending on pyRevit… While only a fraction of our scripts are using Rhythm. I will then try using an older version, otherwise I will have to remove it from our practice :frowning:

Thanks for the help!

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I would add that revit 2021 has just got a update that includes updating Dynamo to 2.6 version.

So, here’s the deal. Those errors regarding those DLLs are not what are causing the slowdown. All that error means is that Revit/an addin has loaded a different version of that toolkit. This is largely ignorable because even dynamo loads a different version of it.

What could be the problem is the Rhythm view extension. I tried to issue a fix for those ridiculous “renamed” tags getting added to all my nodes.

To fix this for now simply delete the view extension xml in the extra folder.


Thanks, John! Glad there was a simple solution. I have deleted it and it seems to be working just fine.


Hey folks!

The update for Rhythm that fixes this error is live on the package manager now.

For the time being we will just have to tolerate those “Renamed” tags… :angry: