Latest version for Revit 2015

where can i find the last version of dynamo that will work with Revit 2015? When I try to add packages, they were all created with a “future version”. I am trying to center rooms and tags.

Thank you.

nevermind…found the previous builds page.

Full info on which dynamo version is supported to which revit version can be found here.

got it but had to do a workaround to get to the site. couldn’t go right to the site from your link.

Thank you.

If @Brendan_Cassidy’s comment solved your problem please mark it as solution (and maybe give him a like).

(Also the highest version is 1.2.1 as far as I know).

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I have multiple versions of Revit. seems to be an issue with different versions of dynamo installed.
i.e. I didnt see 1.2.1 for 2015 loaded while I had new versions installed for Revit 2018/19.
is there a way to have all installed? without issues?