Getting error when dynamo v1.2 is clicked in Revit 2015

Hi guys,

I cannot open dynamo v1.2 in my revit 2015. I have reinstalled both revit and dynamo on my windows 7 PC. I keep getting this error message. ANyone know what I should do?


Thank you!
Cheers Nate

Have you complete uninstalled before reinstalling it?

This. 1000 times this. All types of dynamo. Uninstall Dynamo, Dynamo For Revit, Dynamo Studio, ALL things Dynamo and all versions (1.3.X, 1.1.X, and 0.X). Then use microsoft’s fixit until it’s as it sounds like you may have corrupted a registry with the partial uninstall new install bit. Then reinstall Dynamo 1.2.1 including Dynamo for Revit.

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Yes I have completely uninstalled it again and only reinstalled revit 2015 and dynamo v1.2.1.