Dynamo 0.3.0 does not start on revit 2013


Hi, I have downloaded new version of vasari 0,3,0 for revit but it wont start. After clicking on icon nothing happens at all. I tested vasari version and thas seems to work fine. I am running W7 64bit and revit 2013. On the other hand dynamo version ersion 0,2,0 is running fine on revit, but on the vasari beta2 there is error loading workbench, but with new verion that does not matter anymore


Thanks all.

There appear to be a number of addins that Dynamo conflicts with:

Revit Python Shell



We're on it. If you find others, please let us know and record them here



I had to remove a few AddIns to get it to work under Revit also. Unfortunately those are critical to my work so i run it under Vasari.


I have run a couple of tests regarding compatibility as I was experiencing a similar issue.

The Autodesk Model Review plugin appears to conflict with the Dynamo plugin. When running the Dynamo plugin will not start.

If you don't have the Model Review addin installed it would be worth temporarily removing the plugins that are running, and reload them a few at a time until the isolate the trouble addin. The addin files are located


Hope this helps you.




I am experiencing the same thing on W7 64bit for both Vasari and Revit. I have tested the install as both an update to the current dynamo, I have manually uninstalled the old one prior to this new version, and I have installed on a fresh machine that nothing was previously installed on. In all cases the installation runs fun but when we click the dynamo button nothing happens.


I downloaded the zip file and installed Dynamo. Dynamo version 0,3,0 for revit 2013? the addIn loads properly but the application wont start.

New Dynamo version 0,3,0 of vasari beta 2 start properly, uninstall RevitPythonShell.

I also installed the Revit 2014 version., any idea why?