Dynabridge V0.0.8 input warning

I apply package Dynabridge V0.0.8 (the latest version pt. 29-12-2019) and have warning on all inputs from the package’s custom nodes as shown in the attached image. I have install Revit 2020.2 Update which update also Dynamo to ‘Dynamo Core 2.3 .0.5885’ and ‘Dynamo Revit 2.3 .0.6270’. I study Andrzej Samsonowicz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO7kpIaslx4 (Bridge Modelling with Dynabridge 0.0.6. The new version, 22 Sep 2017) where all my custom nodes are missing the input text and warning as shown in the attached image?

The 2nd question is the missing segments of bridge deck. It can be the complex geometry of alignment and the selected positions of grid lines defining the segments of bridge deck.

Please help if you have any idea :o)

the warning is due to the upgrading of package from 1.3 to 2.0. Maybe you can check with the author to ask him update and release a package that is compatible with 2.0. Else you will have to stick with dynamo 1.3

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Alternatively you could try editing them yourself, as the DYN structure allows for easily editing such content.

Hi stillgotme,

Thank you. It is correct. I have tried Revit 2019 with associated Dynamo Core & Dynamo Revit, then install package Dynabridge V0.0.8, it works normally like Andrzej Samsonowicz YouTube using Dynabridge V0.0.6 in 22 Sep 2017. Even it works in Revit 2019, there are still 2 bridge segments missing compared to his video in 2017, not yet know why other than the curved bridge alignment is complicated (but it is OK in his video in Revit 2018.1)

Hi JacobSmall,

Thank you. I have edited input name in *.dyf file after guidance from Autodesk. It is done for e.g. node ‘Bridge Body’ node incl. three inputs

a/ Family Placement Points
b/ Bridge_Family: FamilyType
c/ Coordinate Systems

I can only create name ‘Bridge_Family’ at b/. Any change in a/ and c/ will make the bridge disappear in Revit. We do get the name we write in *.dyf file in *.dyn file node, but the bridge disappear in Revit!

Sadly supporting custom code isn’t something those of us at Autodesk can really do - there is too much of it and it’s too varied for us to just know. I can’t say why it’s disappearing as I can’t see what you have done or where the error is. If setting a valid name for the input isn’t the fix than likely reaching out to the package author will be your best option.

Dear th1,

have you managed to make this dynabridge script work and read the input correctly? If so, how, if you can help me out I am having the same issue.
Also, in the video from Andrzej, he has some nodes I am missing in my Dynabridge, like translate to Pr. Coordinates…
Have you had same issues?

Thank you very much for your time.