Dynabridge package - bridge end fail and missing

i created a bridge with the package dynabridge.
Every node works, i got no error, but the right end of the bridge is missing and the part before is weird bent;)

Any idea whats wrong? Thx for help!
17_12_04_Forum_Dynabridge.dyn (40.1 KB)
17_12_04_Forum.rvt (2.7 MB)
AlignmentVer1.xlsx (11.2 KB)

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Is it the first segment of the bridge?

no, the last segment is missing and the segment before is bent

I’m not familiar with Dynabridge but I had a look at your project/graph and I can say it has something to do with the last two piers at grid 14 and grid 15. I froze the main nodes and ran the graph unfreezing one by one, and the distortion occurs when running the Adjust Piers node. After looking at the inner contents of that node, I decided to move the pier at grid 15 (purple in image below) further away from grid 14 (following the curve of the bridge path) and the outcome is improved but causes the joining/adjustment to not work properly with the pier at grid 14 (blue in image below)…

I didn’t look into it much further (copying/pasting the inner contents of the Adjust Pier node into your workspace to examine their outputs after running might make the issue more easily identifiable) but hopefully this helps you in the right direction to solving

Thx you for your help @awilliams,

it has realy something to do with the last pier…sometimes it works…sometimes not
ATM im not realy shure on which circumstance that depends.

Here another bent end of the bridge:

and the pier height fails at the last pier

EDIT: This was my fault…set the level to high

with the help from Andrzej, i solve the problem.
The input of “Multi pier bridge” was a list…but it has to be a number…

Hi everyone I’m new to this. My question here is there any tutorial which teaches hw to use this dynabridge package to model bridges?.
From where should I start to get to this level /? is there any useful link/material available to learn this ?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you m.rijmus for sharing this link.


When I’m using “Create 3D lines” in Dynabridge, its not working, can anyone pls help me out this.


The node “Create 3d line” places a “3D-line Revit family”…but Dynamo can’t find the family in your project.
You can find the family here:
load this family in your project

PLS start a new topic for your next question.

Sure, for next questions I will start with new topic.

Thank you Fiesta