Dwg link status audit - Multiple Folders/models

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been racking my brain to get an audit workflow for linked dwgs in our models, to find out which links aren’t properly linked and currently have the “Not Found” status. With help of friends and collegues, we were able to make it work for a single selected rvt file.
We select the desired model, it looks thru the linked dwgs (bimmorph node), we isolate the “Not Found” status and create a list of these which will then be sent to an excel sheet so production can correct the defective links. (naming convention, file location, etc.)

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For individually selected models, the process works but goes thru loading all links.

What I’d like help with is making this process possible for multiple models in different folders without every model opening and trying to find the revit links which takes for ever for the quantity of models I have to check.

Trial & Errors so far:

  • Should I open revit files in background? I tried different things with no succes.

  • I don’t know python, but I’ve also tried using a python node that was doing part of what I was looking for but didn’t know how to modify it to suit my needs. Or simplify it? I tried the dyn file provided, I tried copy/pasting another one. I was thinking open as a detached model, close all worksets and work with these files to go thru the rest of the process.

  • Started using a python node, by a collegue, which specifies to use the top folder only in the subfolder structure. But it seems to want to open all models and look for all of the links which makes the process take for ever, since I have ~75 models to check with ~10-15 rvt links each.

    Ex.: Open 3 models in top level of selected folder, but doesn’t open models in following subfolders

Sorry for the long explanations. Wanted to give more than less. :slight_smile: