DWG Export special character issue

OK I have the script working that exports out all sheets to dwg format. the problem is that it quits on the set half way. the sheet it stops on is FS.10 Plumbing Rough-In Plan. The hyphen in Rough-In is not a special character so why does it stop?

Thanks in advance

P.S. I tried the String.Replaceillegal characters node and it still stops on the export

here is the dynamo scriptExport All Sheets to CAD.dyn (55.9 KB)

What is the full text of the error message in the watch node?

OK I figured it out. I was filtering out the placeholder sheets in the sheets list but not in the views list. so it was getting confused by the 2 different lists. once I added the filterbyboolmask to the views list it ran like a champ.

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sorry it took so long to get back to you I was out on site visits the last week. once I got back I figured it out (woke up from sleep and it hit me lol) Thanks anyway