Exporting unsupported character from Revit schedules to Excel

Greetings everyone!

I have been trying to export Revit schedules via Dynamo using script designed by Gavin Crump.
It works on some of my schedules, but whenever I have unique characters such as \ / ? * [ or ], it gives me an error.

I have a “/” value that is mandatory so my question is whether it is possible to export it anyway avoiding errors?

Invalid characters are invalid characters, many due to Windows pathing more than anything else. Unfortunately, there’s no workaround besides replacing them with valid characters.


Check out my nodes in crumple under Data 》String that deal with making strings legal. There is one for windows, and one for revit. The python in them might need adjustment to suit list of lists.

The length cant really be helped, youll just need to chop it before the 31st character if thats the issue.

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Thank you for your replies!

At first, I thought cells having “/” as value were giving me the error, but after some testing it turns out name of schedule exceeding 31 characters is the problem. I am left with only option to shorten the name according to @GavinCrump.

Or different approach to the task would be use of “Excel Export” plugins for Revit.