Create new family types without open family

How create (in dynamo) new type of family (exist in folder) without open this family in project ?

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This post could interest you:

Recently I developed a workflow for creating multiple family types from excel data.
You could use ElementType.Duplicate - from Springs Nodes.

P.S. Everything is done in project environment not in family editor.

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Can you show your dynamo script ?

Can you please show yours along with your requests? :slight_smile:

im havent script

but i think node type.dublicate must help me

It seems that you could have missed the forum guidelines. See what comes out of the search field when typing your keywords, you will find enough material to get started.

The script is ultra simple.
The key is only the Duplicate Type node.
Everything else is just my point of view - getting all the information from excel file and use it to create new types and fill their parameters


Thank you !

You could have missed the forum guidelines too. I suggest to use the Share category instead in the future so everything can remain clear. Thanks :slight_smile:

я не совсем понимаю какие правила нарушаю товарищи)

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I don’t see the problem - It wasn’t my intend to show my workflow and the script itself. The person here had a problem and that is why I decided to show my work. I pointed my solution - I belive this is the point of this forum. Sorry if I did’t get anything right. I will have your note in mind for my future posts.

It is maybe easier to grasp this way:

Copy-pasting has revealed itself inefficient and leads to constant new requests for ready-to-use solution with no efforts and no contribution given. Next time you need help, please show your first attempts first, clearly showing what does not work for you, so we can help you building your own graph. Thanks :slight_smile:

I certainly don’t want to argue with the rules. but if I don’t have a solution then why not take a ready-made solution and study it. I ask the question if someone wants to answer I will answer if not then no. It’s just that sometimes I don’t even know where to start the solution )
Of course I will try to follow the rules

боже прости меня за мой английский …


It all starts by typing your keywords int the search tools (here or in Google). You will easily find what you need to get started since almost everything has been solved already.
(I would also be surprised if this issue had never been addressed on the Dynamo Russian forum). If there is definitely no solution available, this forum is naturally the place to ask.

I am trying to determine how the excel file needs to be formatted, could you send me a snap shot of what that needs to be? I have been trying to figure that out, but no luck.

There is no “right way” to format the excel file. It depends on your idea and workflow. No matter how the excel file is formatted you always transform and edit the information trough Dynamo, so start simple. Import the data inside Dynamo and see how it reads the excel file.