Duplicate View and Sheet

I have about 50 sheets i would like to duplicate along with their views. I basically want identical sheets with a new name and views with a new view template.

I have tried the @Bimorph package. The duplication works on the first sheet in the set but then I get the error

“Cannot paste view-specific elements from different views.”

Is there another work around? I feel like this should be an easily automated task but have been struggling with it.

have you seen this?

i have not, I will check it out. Thank you.

I am still getting the “Cannot paste view-specific elements from different views.” error.

google the error, maybe it makes sense to you?

I think I have seen in the past, and it is related to revision clouds in the views or sheets that you want to duplicate and belong to a revision that is already issued.

There are elements in your sheets which can’t be copied (‘duplicated’). Can you run some tests on a single sheet which has the error and isolate the cause - the simplest way is to select the annotation elements in your sheet, filter and delete category by category until you can isolate the elements which are causing the problem. Once known I can issue a fix in the next version.