Duplicate sheet and rename


@Thomas_Mahon How come I do not see that? (using v.2.0.9)


It’s a ZeroTouch node (delivered via a dll vs a DYF) so there’s either a clash with another library using the same name space im using (unlikely) or more likely the dll is being blocked by your security settings. You might need to unblock it by locating the BimorphNodes.dll in your BimorphNodes package folder.


Great! Thanks… Now I am getting “unresolved” label on my “Bimporh Duplicate Sheet”, is this relying on other packages that I may be missing?


Nope. Maybe you have it saved in two locations being queried for packages? Try uninstalling all packages and reinstall just BimorphNodes. Check it works, then add all the other packages back in one by one. If there is a conflict between BimorphNodes and another package, it will eventually break which will then narrow the problem down.