Duplicate Schedule but can't change/ add filters


I’ve made a script that duplicates a schedule and puts the right filters on the new schedules. But after ‘‘bnr100’’ the script does not put the right filter on its schedule.

right schedule
right filters

wrong filters

test 0001.dyn (54.5 KB)

You are getting some null values here:

First step should be to find out what is causing that in the nodes before this one.

It has something to do with the numbers 100 to 175. value 001 to 099 goes fine. But after 099 you get the Null. I don’t know how to fix it.

Can you show scroll down in the other node previews so we can see what you are feeding this node at index 100?


What does this node show at 100


that Node is for the schedule Filter. The ‘‘Filter by’’ Parameter.

What error are you getting from the first yellow node?


The issue have been posted before: ScheduleFilter using y/n

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I think I got a quickfix for you. Add a number to string node:
And make the scheduleview add filter to level 1 for both inputs.

The results will go further than 099 now:

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Yes! It worked, thanks!

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