Duplicate Schedule and modify filter

Thanks for your answer, I´m attaching the Revit file and Dynamo script .
I think that might be somethimg wrong with view template maybe?

RoomScheduleMultiple.rvt (356 KB)

Script01_Multiple Schedule.dyn (12.5 KB)

Script01_Multiple Schedule_DuplicatefromParameter.dyn (15.1 KB)

uh, not sure if this an issue with rooms or some of the listing levels in your out put.
see below

just ran this in my system and works good.
the template filter schedule is left blank to receive the string for filter type.

I stumbled across this post looking for something else, here is the one that I use to automate my note block duplication. I hope it helps.
Two Dynamo release versions included.

R18_DYN-1.3.3_Schedule Script.dyn (11.9 KB) R19_DYN 2.0.1_Schedule Script.dyn (24.0 KB)

I built somthing similar a few months ago for our note schedules as well that hasnt failed us yet.


So I’m working on a similar task, trying to generate a series of equipment schedules and apply a filter based off the room number. So first I’ll thank the others before me for posting as they’ve provided much help. But I’m having issues trying to get the List of Filters applied to the New List of Schedule views. I’ve played around with the levels and I can get all of the schedules to duplicate and name themselves correctly, however applying the filter seems to fail. First, it’s not actually grabbing the Room Filed from the list. It’s just grabbing the first field (Discipline) from the list and applying the first room number from that list.
Any insight would be wonderful. I’ve attached a screen shot of the graph.

I was able to solve my own problem today. Thanks Dynamobim.com!
I found another thread with similar issue. First I was missing a Flatten node after the ScheduleView.fields node and I needed to set lacing to longest in the FilterAdd node. Here’s an updated Graph. I should mention this was done in 2.02


Hi @M.Melching

I would like to thank you for sharing your Dynamo script and costum nodes,
When i run them into my project i got some issued like:
i got the duplicated schedule named “Test Name” but the filter “waiting” didn’t get applied for this new schedule.
you can check the picture bellow:

Would you help me please to check this issue, it’s gonna driving me creazy and thank you in advance.

can you check to see if the original template schedule already had the filtered applied

Hi @Wuillian_Medrano,
Thank you for your respond, and I finaly solved the probleme, and it was about the filter “name” it must be in the first line of the Field List, to allow Dynamo to change it.