Duplicate schedule and modify filter using dynamo

Hi everyone, I am posting my first issue in this forum,

Process of my script

  1. Filter all the rooms begins with RDS_, and duplicating the schedule for those rooms (new schedules with the room names)

  2. And assigning the filter, by room number to get the schedule filtered the results only for that room

  3. I am getting the new schedules as expected, and the issue is, the filter is assigning wrongly to all the rooms, means every room is assigning the list of filter for all the room numbers.

Please help to resolve.

[Link to dynamo script and docs](http://).


Hi Indhu,

There is a problem with Lacing in your program. keep the Lacing to the shortest.I have changed the Lacing and tested the program its working fine.

Thanks Harsha, that helps and fixed the issue.