Duplicating views with detailing

Hi all, i have been lucky to have this and other forums to help build the scripts i have but sadly not the training or insight into the actual codes. From what other have built i have created the attached Script to duplicate view plans for each designated view template. This worked fine.

What i wanted to add was to duplicated with detailing, i.e. copy the space tags too. I was able to edit the Duplicate view with ViewTemplate custom node from Duplicate to Duplicate.WithDetailing. This has worked (which i was pleased at), however on each view there are 6 space tags for each room layered upon each other.

Could someone a little more versed in scripts possibly take a look? Is there something in the script i may not know about or have missed/changed in error?

Thanks in advance

1. Duplicate views and create all view templates.dyn (15.7 KB)

Have you tried these babies:


I have not, but i will delve into those. They definitely look like they’re on the right path.

Thanks Viktor