Duplicate Excel Sheets

Hello everyone,

I have made a single template Sheet in Excel which i would like to duplicate with Dynamo (To later put data on each sheet but not having to duplicate this template sheet by hand.

Does anyone know how i could achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

  • Daan

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When you write to excel you can just provide a new sheet name. If a sheet name does not already exist, excel will create it for you. Read the info from your template sheet and then write it back to however many new sheets you need.

how can i use this template as input? All the lay-out and colors etc. need to be copied aswell @Nick_Boyts

It’s been a while but I think Bumblebee can handle those properties. Otherwise you would have to use the Excel API to write your own code.

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This is quite a nice and simple solution, but i couldnt copy my existing “template sheet” and populate the new sheets with data in the same dynamo script, so i split them up in two and just use the other one when we update the template file, the only downside of this is that we (almost) always have too many pages in the Excel-file which are just empty templates.