Write to excel template file

I’m trying to open a template file, write some kind of data to certain rows/columns and save the file with a new filename.

I get an error in that it will only keep cell formatting in the new file I save, not text/numbers that are already in the template. It is as if dynamo are resetting all cell values before writing the data. Anyone got a clue?

This is normal behaviour.

Your best bet is to link to your original data from another sheet then have a single sheet for updating in order for your data to correctly reference.

Becareful when you then open and read your worksheets as if you read it to early the data will not update and so on.

Hi Jostein, could you share a sample graph (dyn file) on how you’re going about reading from the template file and saving it again? We will then have more inputs to work with to see how we can resolve these workflows. Thanks.