Duct Connections


hello sir. if you dont mind can you share with me the whole tree for this 5pc air terminal and 5pc duct that is connected by a flexible duct. i am very new to dynamo and i tried to replicate the tree but i am having difficulties with the lowest code block that has this list. also i already downloaded the package MEPover.
thank you in advance. and cheers to your great work.

Using dynamo to model duct and pipe from Equipment

Hi @DaddyVader_16,

I’m afraid I no longer have that file so I cannot share it.
What I would suggest is to first try to connect a single duct with a single air terminal and if you can get that to work then try multiple ducts with multiple air terminals.
Set up a little test file for yourself and start testing: going from really easy to more complex.


oh that is ok sir @T_Pover .
so going from here i don’t understand why it isn’t working. can’t seem to get the type name just like on the picture you had shared before. i know i am missing something but funny i don’t know what exactly it is.
thank you sir.


I moved this to a new topic as that one was already solved and this felt as if it was branching off. @DaddyVader_16 fee free to link us back to any specifics on that thread which will help out. Specifically I think the graph in question (you referred to a 5pc air terminal and 5pc duct that is connected by a flexible duct).


thank you sir.
as of now i still can’t get it to work. so above as you can see, i have this tree and i have a 5pc air terminal and a 5pc duct. i want to connect it via a flexible duct. can anyone help me solve this? i am very new to dynamo so it will be a big help for anyone to make me understand what am i missing or done wrong. thank you in advance.


Are you sure you have the input elements lined up properly? The first duct in your list of ducts needs to connect to the first air terminal in your list:


sorry but i still can’t get it to work. i tried what you said sir. but i only get “run completed with warnings.”
at the code block with a warning it says "warning:no function called %get_name on a revit.elements.elements etc…
really sorry if i am taking too much of your time. and thank you very much


Try Get Parameter Value by Name and use Type Name as parameter name


i was able to get rid of the warning now. but nothing happened when i ran it.


Capitalize first word.


Can you show a screenshot of the Revit elements you want to connect?


here is it sir.
dont understand why is it still not working. is dynamo program version a factor?


What happens if you select one duct and one air terminal?


it runs completely but nothing happens.
its giving the watch node a null, i don’t know why really.


That’s odd, could you share you Revit file for testing?


Hi sir, sorry i wasn’t able to reply in a while.
it seems i cannot upload a file here because of a new user restriction.


Maybe you could try a dropbox or google drive link and post that here?


thank you so much for keeping up with me and sorry i haven’t gotten back quickly.
here are the links for dynamo and revit file respectively.
thank you again.


I see the problem: the connections on the ducts and air terminals are rectangular, so it would need a transition fittings from rectangular to round to create a round flex duct between them. I will see if I can incorporate this into the node.


thank you sir, i will also try to convert the air terminal’s connection into round.
thank you again.