Draw ShortestWalk routes on the surface

Just updated to a better solution :slight_smile:
You might not need the “DSCore” part, this is because I have some packages installed that also uses the “String” name and you thus have to specify which package you’re using.


Tip: adding an empty string to a number turns it into a string. Try this:

x = (0…12)+””


I’m not particularly happy about the unused outputs, aside from that though. It’s really cool to be able to bring the entire thing down to just one Code Block.

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Move the contents of the variable into the spot it is called in the function. This quickly turns into the ‘black box’ which is hard to revisit though.

The unchangeable nature of it is why I want to use it. Next to that, although exactly a problem in this case, there’s more calculation time.

Hi Jonathan,

I know this is an old issue, but I am somehow still managing to fail this operation.

I tried both Dynamo 2.0 and 1.3.3, and neither work. I keep getting null values, even with the BoolMask filter.

Any ideas how I could resolve this, or use an alternative?


Using the SpaceAnalysis package (released recently) might be a better option now.