Shortest Walk

Hi there, I was wondering if there is anything akin to Grasshopper’s Shortest Walk component for Dynamo? Or is using Mantis Shrimp to communicate between Grasshopper / Dynamo the best bet?





The clockwork package has a node called “PointSequences.ShortestPath” that is similar in concept.


Does this work by calculating the lengths of all lines and returning the shortest or will it use a combination of them (segments of them) to give you the shortest route from point A to point B do you know?

You’ll have to create the "paths "yourself unfortunately. It will tell you which path is the shortest.

Matthew, I also made a node for creating paths (e.g. based on door locations) but haven’t migrated it to Dynamo 0.7.x yet (here’s why: You can find a sample workflow here (but you’ll need Dynamo 0.6.3 and the Clockwork 0.6.3 package to run it):

Hi Andreas

Is there a node that will automate the creation of the ‘paths’? I’ve played around with the Clockwork PointSequence.ShortestPath node and the Lunchbox Curves.ShortestWalk node but both seem to require all possible paths, not just the network. Or am I missing something?

If the node doesn’t exist, is there a bunch curve split node?



Noticed this on the Package Manager, haven’t tried it though


Hello All,

We have recently uploaded this package.

If you have any questions or if anything doesn’t work for you, please let me know.



Thanks I’ll check it out. There are actually 2 versions on the Package manager, both v1.0.0. I assume they are both the same?

Hello Paul Wintour,

Yes, they both are same only description is changed.

I am going to remove another.

Sorry for the confusion.