From Cad lines to Revit property lines

Hi there I am new in dynamo as in new. My idea is to translate the polylines in cad into property lines in revit automatically by means of dynamo. There are many lots involved in the process so I want it to be automatically to lessen my time frame. I imported the cad file and select it via “select model element”. Some of the lines are cannot be read by dynamo(please see the image below). How can I solve this problem?Another problem of mine is how will I convert this curve lines into property lines in revit?
Sorry for lesser info. Thanks

Hi @jamesalbert
Let us see what you’ve managed so far in Dynamo.
Please read this post.

hi @Kulkul sorry for lesser info. I hope my edited query can help you to help me. thanks

Check out BimorphNodes package CurvesFromCADLayers
I’m about to realease V2.0 which will also give you the ability to map the lines to LineStyles and also convert to DetailLines. If I remember correctly property lines are a different category so you might need to work out that, but this should help get you started

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I should add that BimorphNodes CurvesFromCADLayers has been optimised to convert more curve types than OOTB nodes, or explode. Where you mention that some of the lines cant be read…they usually can using CurvesFromCADLayers

Hi @jamesalbert

Creating property lines is not exposed yet in REVIT API. @JacobSmall has replied to similar topic here.

Hi Thomas,
I have started to use the CAD.DetailLinesFromCADLayers node and needed to cross reference with your example graph, but I keep getting “Error opening corrupted file”. Any ideas I can try?

Thank you very much for these nodes!!!

There’s a useful macro that might be of use to you

You mean the example graph from ?

I’ve checked and you’re right! Looks like my host is corrupting the DYN file. I’ll get that fixed asap - cheers for reporting this.

In the mean time, here’s the original example graph which works bimorphNodes.CurvesFromCADLayers.dyn (8.8 KB)

@tlivingston I’ve fixed my website so all example graphs can now be downloaded without being corrupted. Let me know if you still experience problems.

Does this node work with CAD imported into Generic Annotation families? I gave it a shot. So far it creates lines in Dynamo but not in Revit family. Am I missing something?

@hzamaniM54WP there’s been a number of people asking if CurvesFromCADLayers or DetailLinesFromCADLayers support Family documents.

The answer was no, however its easy to implement and I’ve just published a new update to BimorphNodes (v2.0.7) that now includes Family support for both of these nodes available on the Package Manager.

Note that Generic Annotation Families need to use DetailLinesFromCADLayers node.

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I found that if you edit the CAD with a custom LSP 1st based on it’s (Color Number [0-255])-(Linetype) in CAD, then converting them to Revit Line Styles could be made easier once in Revit using Dynamo. Try looking at these Links…maybe you can add another variable like SITE, or whatever other prefix/suffix & such…