Curves to property lines

Hi, i need to transform my curves (polygones) into property lines.
But i can’t find any familytype for that.

There is a categorie named “sitepropertylinesegment”…so i think, there must be a kind of familytype.

Or do i need to create a familytype for that?
Any help would be great!

Last i knew property lines cannot be created via the API, and I haven’t seen any updates on this.

Since dynamo can only do what revit allows property line creation is not achievable by Dynamo at this time.

We looked into a workflow which had a similar stumbling block. The work around we settled on was:

  1. Create model lines at the locations of the property lines
  2. Manually start the property line tool in revit and use the “pick line” tool.
  3. Tap tab a few times to get all of the connected lines (all created model lines in our workflow).
  4. Finish the property line command.
  5. We then used the model lines as our setbacks to drive our massing.

If ever that API portal is ever opened up it’d simplify the process a good bit for us, as I could create the property line and the model lines for offsets all in one script.

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Thx for your answer.
I think i try to make my own family type and name it property line;)

few years later still not possible?

Still no api access as far as I know. Best I can think of is to make model lines and then make property lines by pick line, or use by import coordinates.

thanks for the response Jacob