Draw details lines on the pipe center lines

Hallo everyone. i have a lot of views with pipes and want to draw detail lines (Line style-center line)on the center of each pipe. Does anyone know which nodes i have to use? i am new to the dynamo. is it possible to do that with dynamo?

I know how to show the centerlines in Revit but it affects other visibility issues. i am working in Arch DISCIPLINE. The only option i have is to draw detail lines on the middle of each pipe.

Thanks in Advance

  • All elements of category to get the pipes. Best to filter to just the view or level as otherwise you might draw curves from the 79th floor on floor one.

  • Element.GetLocation to get the location of each pipe.

  • List.RemoveIfNot to remove any non-linear elements in your collection of geometry (ie if you had a Point based pipe somehow).

  • Curve.PullIntoPlane to accommodate any slopes or vertical pipes.

  • List.RemoveIfNot again to remove any projected geometries which made points.

  • DetailCurve.ByCurve to finish the effort.

Note that you will have to set the style after the fact.

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Thanks mate for the reply. I will try it.