Getting centerlines of ducts in Dynamo

I have a set of ducts in Revit and I need the centerline of these ducts as I want to attach some objects following their path. I have never worked with ducts and Dynamo before, so any help is appreciated. I tried the “Center_line_of_Revit_MEP_Pipe” package, but didn’t get it to work :confused:

Can you post some screen captures of your work and errors you might be getting? It will only help those trying to help you out.

Hi @Pal_Roe_Larsen

Aah, nice. It only got me halfway though. I need points along the centerlines, as you can see me trying below. However, I end up with a bunch of empty lists. I might be using the wrong nodes.

Hi @Pal_Roe_Larsen

I don’t think its possible to get centerline from “Ducts - Centerline”. However you can get the ducts Centerlines from ducts like this:

Sweet! That works as a charm!