Draw a conduit from connector in DYNAMO

how can i draw a conduit from connector in DYNAMO
there are 2 connectors , i need to draw conduit from these 2 connectors like pic .

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Also I’d start here:

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sorry , but it is first post for me and i don’t know how to start here , so i just asked simple question , sorry again

@karem.galal248 we understand it’s your first time here, which is why I posted the FAQ about getting help on the forums. First we’d appreciate not duplicating the same question multiple times to try and get help.

(Looks like there is now another post of the same question)

But more importantly everyone on here helps on their own time which means that you often won’t find someone just willing to create an entire graph for you, but rather will help when you run into problems. Similar to what @volkan.isik did, searching the forums for similar topics is the best place to start. Then if you run into problems getting it to work for you, come back with a specific question related to your work and we can help you out!

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Cleaned out the third topic as well.

i though u deleted the topic so i asked again

and i already searched for similar topic but i couldn’t find the point i need .

The MEPover package has a node called Conduit.ByLines. All you need to do is create the line geometry you want and then input those lines in to this node.

But you really gotta check out some Diroots or BIM Guru Dynamo Video tutorials on YouTube. All free on there also there is the DynamoBIM primer web/document which is a great place to start.

thank you for helping , i edited the post and add pic , could u see it .

Now you can try with OpenMEP package

Option 2 :