Doors with personnalized dimensions not cutting the walls

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to put doors automatically into existing walls. I have an excel file with insertions points of the doors and its dimentions (length and width). The location and dimansions of doors are generated correctly bu they are not cutting the walls!! Can any one help me with this ??


openingToWalls.dyn (31.6 KB)
pf_03_E1_EPSG_3949_fusion_cloison_porte.xlsx (6.3 KB)

Hi @a.kaci

When you place manually door family in Revit does it shows opening on wall?

Yes. It does.
I think the problem is that I create new family type with new parameters but not all the parameters are copied from the base family (like analystic construction,…) to the new family type. May be some parameters are locked!

Is it possible to drop here your dummy revit file so that it will helps others who is trying to help you.

The file is too big. It’s 3MB and I cannot add it.

Drop it in dropbox or google drive and share the link here.

Here it is :


@a.kaci I changed some inputs in your script it should work now.

And here is dyn file openingToWalls(ForAnia).dyn (31.1 KB)

And revit file here

I’m sorry but I didn’t get the same result with your script! Don’t know why. Y
ou only modified the family names right??

I also changed 0.8 still height and also edited family. Try opening my revit file and run script.

Didn’t work with your script and rvt file…

Edit Family and make sure cut with voids when loaded is checked.


It worked for the Vantail type but not for the int simple door!