DoorOrWIndow.FromRoomAndToRoom - Error

I am trying to use the custom node DoorOrWindow.FromRomAndToRoom, but I am not getting any values out of it. I think I have all the correct inputs and as you can see I have a phase and Doors, but just no output. Any thoughts?


Most likely cause: Phase needs to be a single element, not a list.

Thank you. That got me a little closer, but it is still not reading the information and is just supplying me with an empty list.



Sean, if you edit the custom node and look at the return list or single value node. What does it say?


Does it have a python script or an embedded “if” statement?

It has an embedded IF statement.


Looks like you need to update your Clockwork installation. There are some packages that have Clockwork as a dependency that will install older versions of Clockwork.

Yes, I just went through this whole thing today. It looks like Luke Johnson’s “Bakery” package is using a deprecated version of “Return List or Single Value”. That IF statement has cause me more frustrations than anything lately.

I downloaded the latest Clockwork, but it is still not working. Is there an updated version of “Return List or Single Value” or a script I can replace it wish?

John, for what it’s worth: I filed an issue on GitHub about this in December ( Feel free to express your desire to have this fixed…

(For me personally, it means I currently dare not use any of the ten or so packages that have Clockwork as a dependency, because in some mindless moment I might start updating my installed packages and in the process revert my own package with unpublished changes to an earlier version…)

Thanks again for the information, but is there something I can do in the interim to get this to work? I have replaced internal nodes with the newer versions and updated clockwork, but it still isn’t working. This graph is also utilizing Room.DoorsOrWindows which has DoorOrWIndow.RoomToandFrom embedded in it.

Sean, which Dynamo version are you on?


I am on Version (Up to date)

Any reason you can see that this would not be working? Should I recreate the whole thing to break any other dependencies? The Code is to replace the depreciated IF block that was mentioned earlier. I tested the block with other inputs and it seemed to work. The Doors.To/From still does not work after replacing.


To that end… what are the ramifications if I don’t use the return list or single value node? Is that what groups them together if there are multiples in the same room? if I take that piece out of the equation then it works as intended. So the error / problem is certainly within the above portion of the node.


Thanks again for all your help!

Sean, I just tested this with the latest Clockwork version from the package manager under Dynamo 0.8.1 and I cannot reproduce your error.

Can you please do the following:

  1. Make sure you do not have the old (and deprecated) “Return List Or Single Value” package installed.

  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Clockwork installed.

  3. Make sure you have chosen the correct phase (i.e. make sure the selected phase actually contains rooms).

If at that point it still doesn’t work, please do the following: Replace the DoorOrWindow.FromRoomAndToRoom node in your main graph with the Python node that lives inside DoorOrWindow.FromRoomAndToRoom (you can just copy/paste it from one canvas to the other). Run the graph and see if the Python node produces an error.


Thanks for the idea I have it working now. I had the correct things installed, but I am assuming the minor changes I made to the Door To/From node stuck rather than the new information. I had to go hunt down the correct node files in the clockwork package and open them and save them into my graph to get the updated versions to stick.

thanks for the help and I think better version control like you mentioned earlier would helpful!

It appears they have fixed this for future releases. :slight_smile: