Lacing two lists through clockwork door.rooms node

I’m trying to get the to and from rooms for doors, using the Clockwork Door.Rooms node. The problem I’m having is that I want to use the phase that each door was created in. I can get the created phase easily enough using the Element.Phases node from Clockwork. The Door.Rooms node didn’t do what I wanted by default, so I thought I could use a list.lace node to use each index pair to get the result. I get the right number of results, but they are all null values?

How could I get the desired result?

@Julie_Kidder Please post your dyn and rvt file. Thanks!

This is the issue recreated in a default project and the stripped down script that focuses on the issue

Door Dyn test-small.rvt (496 KB)
Door dyn test.dyn (23.5 KB)