Door widths in fire escape routes/occupancy and door count in room


I was wondering if someone knows if it is possible to check door widths of fire escape routes using path of travel or some other means?

The other thing I hope to figure out, is how to create a schedule that contains the room occupancy and doors in the room.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@alex446m if you can get the geometry of the path, you can intersect it with a line created from doors location, these intersections (points) can be parameteratpoint, resulting distances from the start of the travel path.

You can get the occupancy from rooms and push/ set it as a parameter within your doors, a door schedule will suffice then, I guess.

Can you share your progress, maybe I look at it later?

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Part of this old project may be relevant to your effort: GitHub - mattmas/RevitLifeSaver: Workflow automation for Life Safety Checking in Revit - Dynamo and API addins.

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