Check widths of stairs

I am working on a project to recheck the widths of already placed stairs. I have found the nested parameter “Actual Run Width” and also the parameter “Width” in some stairs.
Are these the only available width types that I should acquire? (My script has to run on any project with stairs)

Currently my method is to get all the “stair runs” elements and get the “Actual Run Width” parameter and directly get the “Width” parameter of other stairs by the use of Get.ParameterValueByName node on both occasions. Is there an alternative way?

Food for thoughts: how about: don’t use dynamo for this one, and just create a revit schedule?

You can schedule the stairs, runs etc.


More food for thought: edit the stair’s sketch in a way that narrows the stair along a given path of travel, and see how that changes the parameter values.