List.FilterbyBoolMask Operation Failing

I’m trying to use List.FilterByBoolMask to filter may rooms by ranges of square footage, and recategorizing them to different room names/departments.

Anyone have an idea why my bool filter is failing? I am theorizing it has to do how it’s masking my list of rooms, but i’m not entirely sure.

Alternative approaches to achieving the same results would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

The issue is due to the Unbounded Rooms. I don’t know the exact reason why it’s pulling out a null output but probably it has something to do with how dynamo interacts with revit’s unbounded rooms. Hence, you better filter it out using Room.IsUnbounded by Clockwork.

Thanks Jibz,
I tried that previously, as that was my assumption as well, but instead of using Room.IsUnbounded, i used replacenulls by LunchBox to change the null entries to False – but maybe it couldn’t be done that way? Anyways, I tried the room.isunbounded node, and i’m getting a new null from the output from the node. Any idea what this null could represent?

Hi @jesse.huynh

Check whether you have overlap rooms? Make sure you don’t have overlap rooms.

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@jesse.huyn, what you can do is track the null item and check it from revit and see what’s the issue from revit. I agree with @Kulkul, it has do to something with how your rooms has effectively been placed in the revit workspace.

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Thanks all – I have no idea which rooms overlapped, but I deleted all the rooms and resassigned from scratch and that did it.