Remove null result

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi @Kulkul
I’m sorry man to annoyed you again , I need your help I tried so much time to solve it it’s not working, the same topic renumbers the door can you please check this photo

I have three question
1-how I can remove “No to room” from the list I think it makes Null
2-Can I create list for the doors swing to the same room ,may if that possible the door will have the proper name
2-I used dyn script to remove all the value of “Mark” parameter then when I used another script to set value for “Mark” parameter still empty , I can remove the effect of every script I used in one Revit file (don’t know if that correct or not)
Finally can you please take a look at this script, it’s not working probably all the previous issue(Question) regarding this script

Use List.Clean node set false for preserveIndices.

Thanks man i did it

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No you need to use List.Clean node after Get.Parameter node.

perfect this clean one warning but still this

Make sure you match your list of values and list of elements.Check the count for both.

understand the list of elements refer to doors which are the count of them more than the count of the list of values(ToRoom)
this was my 2nd question , I think I need to create a list of the doors depending on the room where the doors swing to

Can you show screenshot count of elements and count of values.

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